How the collaboration between cutting-edge companies brings progress. Case Study by Garlock. How Gylon seals go from an average life of 18 months to over 5 years!

This is a case-study developed by Garlock, a leading company in the world in the ‘sealing industry’, ie in the field of high-tech industrial seals and seals.

Prior to work and study with Garlock, De Lama used sanitary PTFE gaskets, in all hygiene couplings.

Unfortunately, due to the considerable wear exerted by saturated vapors, the gaskets were subjected to a progressive stress process that led to physical deformation and increased porosity. The average life of the product led De Lama to average life falling well shorter then De Lama’s typical 18 months recommended replacement periods.

The challenge faced with Garlock.

In order to increase the average life of gaskets and meet rising safety standards, including FDA and EN1935, De Lama’s experts met Garlock technicians for a thorough discussion of the problem.

The solution and the benefits.

After extensive research and testing we have come to the implementation of Gylon Bio-Pro, for the Tri-clamp connectors.

The outstanding result is the transition from an average life of seals from 18 months to over 5 years.

In addition Gyblon Bio-pro is now specified as the standard solution in all De Lama sanitary couplings.

In short, a great progress for both companies resulting from technical-scientific collaboration.

Download the CASE STUDY PDF published by Garlock below.

Garlock_Case Study_DeLama Autoclaves_PHARMA_HR

Marco Bianchi

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