De Lama is confirmed as a world leader company and appreciated when the values ​​at stake are high: technology at the highest levels but also safety and ecology.

De Lama was chosen to design and manufacture two major Eto (ethylene oxide) sterilization plants in Kazan, Russia.

This technique, which was launched by De Lama as early as 1968, is appreciated when it is necessary to sterilize products sensitive to high temperatures such as catheters, plastic syringes, etc.

The choice on De Lama as well as the established high-level technology is also linked to safety and ecology parameters.

The new KMIZ plant is located in Kazan, Russia, Tartarstan region, and is completely dedicated to sterilization: based on the two autoclaves built by De Lama, it was officially inaugurated and opened in February 2018.

In fact, the systems are equipped with all the modern safety technologies and, moreover, respecting the environment, they are equipped with emission reduction systems, with the aim of eliminating the risks related to the leakage of toxic gases and those of fire .

Since the residual gas content can not be released directly into the atmosphere, a thermal combustion system (burner) is also installed to eliminate the exhausted gas for the destruction of the ethylene oxide molecule.
The two De Lama machines, model DLOG, have a capacity of 30 cube meters and allow the sterilization of loads up to 12 pallets per cycle.

The press and local media have given prominence to the event.

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Marco Bianchi

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