Career Day 2019. Open Doors To Companies at the University of Pavia with De Lama

Doors Open to Businesses 2019, known as ‘Career Day’. It was a success but above all a joy, for De Lama.

It was nice to tell so many students that we came to visit the history of our company. A history linked to the territory for over 70, but above all, it was nice to talk about the great development we are having in the present and the ambitious plans for the future.

In these projects there are ‘open doors‘ for many young new talents who are the people who can bring new life into this company. Those who will have to take up the baton of unique know-how, and help all our team to project themselves into tomorrow, with more and more energy, ideas, passion, competence and creativity.

The success of our company at Career Day 2019 went, frankly, beyond our expectations, having collected, just in one day, almost 200 curricula, of new graduate and undergraduate students, looking for both job positions and internship.

Other resumes are also arriving in these hours by e-mail, through our website, by those candidates who could not, apply directly to our stand.

This is why we leave you here, again, the link of the page on our site to be able to present the Applications, to De Lama.

In order to allow candidates, then, to better understand what their area of ​​employment may be, in De Lama, based on both their degree and their aspirations, we have created a poster, which, in addition to being exhibited at the Career Day, we report below.

Good luck!


Marco Bianchi

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