De Lama and Trade & Consult announce strategic partnership on the Polish market

De Lama announces the new strategic partnership for the Polish market with Trade & Consult.

The Polish company is headquartered in Stara Iwiczna will represent De Lama in the sale of equipment for the pharmaceutical market and will work to promote the brand in the country, with the aim of raising awareness of De Lama’s excellence and keeping the market updated with the technological evolutions achieved by the company, such as, for example, hydrogen peroxide sterilization, the  pass-box for decontamination with hydrogen peroxide under vacuum, the new magnetic drive doors that make it possible coupling with the insulator.

The pharmaceutical sector in Poland represents an important economic reality in the country, which is progressively shifting from the production of generic medicines to increasingly sophisticated products, investing ever-increasing resources in research and development. It is a trend that will continue in the coming years and De Lama and Trade want to seize this opportunity.

Trade & Consult is a historic company, founded in 1990, and has distinguished itself to represent the most advanced European brands in the production of pharmaceutical equipment. In the portfolio there are names of excellence such as Fette and Harro Hofliger, (members of the Excellence United German pool), other German companies such as Groeninger, Netzsch, Clean-Tek and other leading names such as Wilco, Borer, Frewitt, Servolift.

De Lama completes a portfolio of excellence in a sector that was previously vacant for Trade & Consult: that of autoclaves for sterilization, depyrogenation ovens, pass-boxes for decontamination and industrial washers.

Finally, Trade & Consult and De Lama will exhibit together at thePCI Days fair in Warsaw on May 15th and 16th 2019.

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Marco Bianchi

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