Even the authoritative Pharm Tech magazine talks about the new De Lama hydrogen peroxide autoclave

It is a satisfaction to report that even one of the most authoritative and prestigious pharmaceutical technology publications in the world, such as Pharmaceutical Technology, through its online Pharm Tech online, you talk about the new De Lama hydrogen peroxide sterilizer: the DLVHP / ST and the our Pass Box DLVHP / DE to Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) under high vacuum.
The magazine emphasizes that the new sterilizer is an important alternative to ETO sterilizers for heat-sensitive products that can not therefore be subjected to sterilization processes involving high temperatures.

Among the numerous advantages, the magazine cites the speed of the process, the elimination of residues by means of a catalyst and the consequent absence of impact on the ventilation systems.

All processes are validable and repeatable.

Find the complete article here: www.pharmtech.com/cleanroom-pass-box-uses-hydrogen-peroxide-sterilization

For full details on the De Lama DLVHP / ST Hydrogen Peroxide sterilizer visit the product page on our website.

Details on our DLVHP / DE decontamination Pass-box on the dedicated page.

Marco Bianchi

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