Catalogo Prodotti

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Main Production – General Catalog

Main Production

Saturated steam sterilizers

DLOV Series

Hydrogen Peroxide sterilizers


Air/steam mixtures sterilizer autoclave

DLOAV Series

Combined Washing – Sterilizer Autoclave

DLOV/W Series

Superheated water sterilizers

DLOS Series

Ethylene oxide sterilizers

DLOG Series

Compact saturated steam sterilizers

DLV-CAB Series

DLOC Series

Dry heat ovens for sterilization and depyrogenation class 5 ISO 14644-1-2

DLST/L Series

Pass-box for Decontamination with Hydrogen Peroxide under Vacuum


Hot air static dryers

DLDR Series

DLDR-Ex Series

Static dryers under vacuum

DLDR/V Series

DLDR/V-Ex Series

Steam generators

DLSG Series

Control System

Master / Olympia EXP / Olympia WP-TS / WinPlus