‘WELDED TO SUCCESS‘ is the beautiful title conceived by the prestigious TECN’E ‘magazine, specialized in the world of technology, machines and systems for industrial applications.

In a special issue dedicated to the world of robotics and industry 4.o, the magazine devoted extensive coverage of the installation of De Lama’s two welding stations with ABB anthropomorphic robots.

The choice of De Lama was to project towards the 4.0 industry, made of automation and the latest technologies, and the choice of the world leader ABB, known as a kind of Rolls-Royce in this industry, represents this direction.

The application involved the anthropomorphic robot model IRB 1600, a machine that allows you to follow the same path, regardless of speed, and was achieved through the installation operated by ALCI srl of Ponte San Pietro in the province of Bergamo, own company owned by Aldrighifamily with over 50 years of experience in the field of special welding technologies.

What are the advantages of such a technology?


These machines, above all, allow a speeding up of processing times of over 300%, as well as of course a precision, flexibility, repeatability that goes beyond the purely human potential. But not only that: even the energy savings, it is remarkable.

Another advantage is that of bringing certain processes to the point of remote manageable automation, fully integrated into the company’s ‘smart’ IT system.

The synthesis is: to produce machinery that points to excellence and to the highest international standards of the sector, both food and pharmacy, machinery of excellence is required. And the choice of De Lama goes precisely in this sense.

Download the full article PDF (italian language) at this link:  ABB-TECNE

Marco Bianchi

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