Stronger than the crisis. De Lama invests and expands the warehouses

Stronger than the crisis. De Lama invests and expands the warehouses

La Provincia Pavese talks about our massive expansion plan that will quadruple the De Lama production area, with a very important investment plan in the area.

The project will have an optimal environmental and civil impact with the provision of parking lots, roads, roundabouts and wooded areas to be paid by our Company for the benefit of the Community and provides for a new-concept construction with totally renewable energy consumption that will bring De Lama to plant engineering levels of world excellence.

The employment perspective on the territory is another very important point linked to this development which will have an impact on the territory, aiming at synergies with the University and generating high-profile job positions.

Extract from ‘La Provincia Pavese’ on Wednesday 15 December 2021.

The company that builds sterilizers grows by 17,000 meters.

Among the environmental compensations there is also a wood.

Article by Stefania Prato


De Lama is expanding, a company that for over 70 years has been involved in designing and manufacturing high quality sterilizers, as well as industrial washing machines and dryers and decontamination systems.

The company, which employs about eighty people and now covers an area of about 8 thousand square meters, will extend over another 17 thousand, while a further 10,777 square meters of land will be donated to the Municipality for the construction of a new forest.


The Zocca council has recently approved the adoption of the implementation plan presented by the company based in via Piemonte and involves an extension on a total area of over 27 thousand square meters that the current Pgt provides for building.

The company will build a new roundabout on via Piemonte, new public car parks on an area of 1550 square meters, public green on an area of another 1349 square meters and a road to access the same parking lots, new lighting, and the strengthening of the networks. municipal technologies that are located underground and also the upgrading or installation of a new electrical transformer substation.


“This is an important intervention, carried out by an economic operator of our Municipality, as well as a leading company in its sector – underlines the mayor Alessandro Zocca. – It is therefore with favor that we welcome a development proposal of a qualitative and quantitative level that will bring benefits to the whole territory, both in economic terms, with also interesting implications for the qualified work offered by this reality, and in terms of planned works, with a new roundabout, a parking lot, an agricultural area that we can plant to safeguard the ecological corridor “

L’Azienda De Lama, oggi, nel 2021, prima dell’ampiamento previsto, che quadriplicherà la superficie dell’area costruttiva


The land that will be transformed into a forest extends over 6500 square meters.

“The cost of the primary urbanization works amounts to approximately 477 thousand euros, greater than the amount of the primary urbanization charges envisaged by the Municipality for urban transformation interventions, which amount to approximately 130 thousand euros – says the mayor. – Furthermore, the company undertakes to pay the urbanization charges, approximately 74 thousand euros, in addition to the disposal charges, which amount to over 65 thousand euros, for the treatment and disposal of waste. “-

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