The autoclave that recycles masks “Decontaminates those used, preserving their filtering action”

The autoclave that recycles masks “Decontaminates those used, preserving their filtering action”

Article from Corriere della Sera issue of March 30th 2020, by Eleonora Lanzetti


Due to the lack of masks and disinfectant for doctors and nurses, two teams of Pavia engineers and chemists come to the rescue.
On the one hand, De Lama, a leading company in the construction of sterilization systems for the pharmaceutical industry, has developed an autoclave to decontaminate used masks; on the other, the Department of Chemistry of the University of Pavia has been equipped to produce liters of disinfectant with ethanol stocks in the warehouse.
To immediately reuse the devices, the De Lama of San Martino Siccomario has designed a pilot autoclave that allows to reduce the bacterial and viral load on the individual protection devices: “Given the continuous need to find masks, fundamental barriers for healthcare personnel in the wards Covid, the idea is to decontaminate those used, preserving their mechanical and filtering integrity “, explains Marco Bianchi, Marketing director of De Lama ,. “Our engineers and technicians, in synergy with the University of Pisa, the Polytechnic of Turin, the San Martino polyclinic of Genoa, the Order of doctors of Genoa, have developed the appropriate autoclave software, now under test microbiological at the San Martino hospital in Genoa, where several tens of Ffp2 and Ffp3 are immersed in an atmosphere of modulated steam, and which with a cycle of about an hour are perfectly sanitized “.
Preliminary tests confirmed the suitability of the system that will be used at the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa to validate the applicability of the decontamination and reuse of the masks protocol.
“The autoclave was already present in the De Lama range, designed for use in highly pathogenic environments– explain Guido Rovera and Aurora Tamborini-

We have modified it so as to make it as effective as possible on the bacterial and viral loads possibly present on the devices in addition to the Covid-19. Developmental attention was also paid to avoid compromising the filtering capacity and the adhesion of the mask. “

The De Lama DLV-CAB autoclave used for the decontamination of the used masks.

Link to the De Lama LV-CAB product used for the decontamination of the used masks:

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