De Lama has evolved its technologies, not only in order to integrate its equipments among themselves, but also to integrate them into complex processes, with machinery from other manufacturers and, at the software level, to integrate naturally with client’s software and customer management systems.


  • Complete process integration with other equipments
  • Integration with isolator through magnetic doors: clean integration
  • New lines of multipurpouse De Lama equipments

  • integration with robots and antropomorphic machines
  • robotic integration with single station or with full factory handling

  • integration with evolved client’s management system
  • integration with client’s database
  • integration to import databases for historicization



Industry Standard Architecture for easy IT integration and best compliance to the ‘Data Integrity’ and CFR21 Part 11 requirements, in particular:

  • Direct connection to PLC through OPC server
  • MES system integration
  • Easy centralized SCADA integration
  • Historical GMP data collecting
  • Domain connection for centralized password handling
  • SCADA interface from major worldwide SCADA producer



De Lama has developed a new sliding door concept where the door movement is achieved through magnetic coupling. This design minimizes the dirt retention areas in the bioseal and allows the access to the inner side of door.

The advantages of such technology are:

  • full direct integrability with an isolator
  • accessibility to whole door inner side for cleaning
  • door sliding mechanism is minimized to the essential parts, reducing the number of components and their future possible replacement and maintenance costs



De Lama is the only manufacturer in the world to present the door sliding mechanism with magnet. Such design is the perfect solution for a direct integration with an isolator where cleanability, reduced footprint and sanitization with H2O2 are a paramount.
The main advantages are:

  • door sliding instead of hinged design minimizes the isolator space devoted to the integration with the equipment (no clearance for the door swinging)
  • the magnetic sliding minimizes the number of components and materials positioned on the isolator side reducing the risk of dirt retention
  • the limited number of components and the clean design of the door allow the full sanitization and compatibility with H2O2 during the isolator inner treatment

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