De Lama does not produce machinery in series. Every single unit is designed to meet the needs of the customer, both with reference to the production and loading needs, and to the process, and with an eye to the geometries and space availability of the plant: a real “industrial tailoring”.


De Lama does not sell autoclaves already in stock or with fixed sizes from a catalog. Each machine is designed ‘on paper’ and designed by our engineers in its size and shape to perfectly adapt to the load to be treated: evaluating the production targets requested by the customer, the quantity of the individual load, the shape of the products to be treated but also their composition and the necessary critical issues that may arise.

Not only: the size and development of autoclaves can also be designed to integrate perfectly into the customer’s production space, meeting the needs required by the environments and the workflow.

For this reason the same autoclave can be designed by our engineers with a different ‘form factor’, through a higher, wider or more elongated development.


De Lama knows how valuable the space can be in a production department.

This is why it has adopted extremely advanced solutions to minimize the space occupied by the equipment on the ground, being able to relocate various components such as electrical panels, pumps, skids, above the machine, to a higher level, or burying these components in a lower level.

De Lama has also designed and proposed 3-storey systems based on this criterion: bringing the concept of optimizing production space to its highest levels.



The customization of De Lama’s machines went even further by proposing totally innovative solutions capable of impacting radically on the workflow, thanks to the design of the so-called alcoves.

The alcoves, designed by De Lama, are ‘niches’ with a door, which bring elements to the façade that were normally present inside the technical area: filters, steam sampling and even accesses to the validation doors (like the Kaye validator).

All this allows numerous routine operations to be carried out directly on the façade, without the need to access the technical compartment.

Not only does all this bring results in terms of great practicality and time savings, rethinking the way of working through autoclaves in a new way.

This invention also makes it possible to drastically reduce the number of accesses to the technical compartment, avoiding operations that typically involve the breakage of the ‘bioseal’, and thus avoiding risks of cross-contamination.

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