The invention of De Lama is a sterilizer that can decontaminate used masks

The invention of De Lama is a sterilizer that can decontaminate used masks

The Pavia-based company will donate the first machine to S. Martino in Genoa
Bianchi. “In an hour thousands of protections ready for reuse”

from La Provincia Pavese, issue of Sunday 2th March. article by Luca Simeone

Between blockades at customs and an upward request for the explosion of the virus, the difficulty of obtaining protective masks – especially for health personnel – is proving to be a real emergency in the emergency. In front of which a historic company from Pavia, De Lama, sought and found the solution, both apparently simple and innovative: to create a sterilizer capable of decontaminating the masks used to make them reusable.

In a couple of weeks the solution from the paper took shape: tomorrow the first machine released by the San Martino Siccomario company, one of the excellence in the field of the health industry (it produces autoclaves for pharmaceutical companies), will be delivered by way of title free of charge at the Policlinico San Martino of Genoa, which was one of the partners of this lightning operation, together with the University of Pisa, the Polytechnic of Turin, Bercella, a Parma company, and the ASL of Genoa.


“The problem we were faced with at the beginning – explains Marco Bianchi, marketing and communication director of De Lama – was to develop a decontamination cycle that on the one hand guaranteed complete decontamination of the mask and on the other preserves its integrity and protective capacity “.

Objective achieved after a series of tests, carried out in concert with the pool of subjects involved, which have given excellent results, up to the go-ahead.

“We built a team in a short time with the engineers of the various bodies and our technicians – adds Bianchi – they were days of intense work: tests, modifications, new corrections. The machine is designed for Ffp2 and Ffp3 masks: with a cycle of less than an hour, thousands can be decontaminated to make them perfectly reusable.

This will allow not only to save on supplies, but above all to prevent the frontline staff of doctors and nurses from being left without one of the most important devices.

Of course, such a machine has aroused the interest of many hospitals facing the Covid emergency19.

“Many have asked us – Bianchi confirms – but for now only with San Martino we have managed to conclude the whole preliminary phase of the tests. We still consider it a desperyment as the protocol we have drawn up for decontamination is not currently regulated and there are bureaucratic aspects to be defined. But tests have shown 100% effectiveness of the decontaminatation cycle. “

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