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In order to preserve historical pieces such as old books, rugs, furniture, wooden statues, paintings, the antiques sector needs to periodically sterilize these objects in order to eliminate microorganisms or small insects that can nest inside the objects (let’s only think about woodworms).

Of course, a low temperature method is required to sterilize valuable and often very delicate antique objects: methods that use heat at high temperatures and/or wet the products cannot be taken into consideration.

The solution to this problem has been provided by De Lama since the 1950s: the sterilization in autoclaves with Ethylene Oxide gas (ETO) from the DLOG series.

This sterilization, which also works by creating a vacuum, guarantees a deep penetration of the gas and an absolutely delicate, but at the same time very effective, treatment to treat these objects and preserve them over time.

Below you find the De Lama production suitable for the antiques sector.

Select product to be treated

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