Laboratories & Research Centers

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When we talk about research laboratories, we refer to a wide world: independent laboratories, university research laboratories and laboratories related to pharmaceutical industries that develop drugs that will then have to be produced on a large scale in real pharmaceutical plants.

In all these cases De Lama has the perfect solution.

Where the laboratory aims at excellence, where technology, safety and efficiency cannot be missed, where the process has to be replicated subsequently on a large scale for large production purposes, and this step must be planned without worries, De Lama represents the ideal solution.

Where there are limits and spatial constraints, De Lama, as always, is able to offer tailor-made solutions designed in the layout, and when compact machines are needed for sterilization, the saturated steam autoclave (also in air / steam mode) with vertical load of the DLV-CAB series it offers a highly technological solution within a reduced design that allows a subsequent scale-up while maintaining the same process parameters even on large equipment.

Below you will find all the De Lama production suitable for research laboratories.

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