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The industry that has been manufacturing medical devices for over 50 years has found a reliable reference in De Lama.

The category of Medical Devices is a very broad category that includes instruments used in medicine for diagnostic and / or therapeutic purposes.

Medical devices are for example: catheters, intracardiac catheters, cardiac by-pass, implant hearing aids, implant prostheses, gauzes, disposable surgical instruments, disposable surgical kits, disposable plastic syringes, disposable gynecological instruments, gloves.

One of the characteristics of medical devices is that they are frequently temperature sensitive. This occurs when the products are made entirely, or in part, with plastics or thermolabile materials: in these cases medical devices cannot be sterilized using traditional heat processes (saturated steam, air-steam, superheated water or hot air) because they would destroy, deform or deteriorate.
In this case, the only way available is low-temperature sterilization.

This can be achieved through the use of ETO (Ethylene Oxide gas) with the Ethylene Oxide autoclaves from DLOG series which have used vacuum technology and have been part of the De Lama range for 50 years.

Alongside the latter, De Lama is now able to offer the highly evolved vacuum hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) sterilizers from DLVHP/ST series, which represent one of the most advanced technologies in the sector and place De Lama as leader and world reference for this process.

These implants offer numerous advantages over the ETO, including the speed of the process, the possibility of managing the sterilization within the medical device manufacturer plant (internalization of the sterilization process, without the need to use external sterilization centers), safety (unlike ETO which is a critical gas to manage) and eco-sustainability.

Below you will find all the De Lama equipment suitable for the medical device sector.

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