De Lama and Spinco Biotech officially announce distribution partnerships in India

De Lama and Spinco Biotech officially announce distribution partnerships in India

It is with great satisfaction that De Lama, the Italian company leader in the production of autoclaves and sterilizers for 70 years, can announce the official partnership for the distribution in India of its equipments with Spinco Biotechnology.

Andrea Muggiasca, Technical Director and Marco Bianchi, Digital Marketing, Sales and Communication Manager have just made a commercial trip to the Company’s headquarters in Chennai from which the official signature of De Lama CEO Paolo Bianchi and the Spinco’s Director Arvind Thyagarajan.


Spinco Biotechnology is a real gem in the Indian pharmaceutical market, as regards the distribution of instruments, equipment and dedicated technical assistance. The company was founded by the current President Srinivasan Thyagarajan in 1981, today has a long history of 38 years which has guaranteed its progressive success as a market leader. In particular, the distribution history of the Japanese brand Shimadzu, for chromatography, recently celebrated the installation of 20 thousand units.

Spinco’s business is divided into different main divisions: Chromatography, Mass Spectromery, Chemicals & Consumables and finally Process Technology, a division within which the De Lama brand will be inserted, which aims to carve out an important position for Spinco, with the goal of becoming increasingly established in the important and evolved Indian market.

Spinco inaugurated in 2016 the new headquarter at Chennai, the Spinco Towers, a building with an extremely modern impact and perfectly organized to manage the business in all its aspects without forgetting dedicated learning facilities with learnng courses for technicians and customers .

In addition to the main office in Chennai, Spinco has 5 other offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata to cover sales and technical assistance throughout India.

The key word, throughout the history of Spinco and ‘Customerization‘, is a term that expresses the desire to place the customer at the absolute center. Only by acting with the goal of maximum customer satisfaction Spinco has achieved exceptional results in India and today is a company that enjoys the utmost respect and consideration.

Not only that: the company prints a monthly magazine of scientific information called CuttingEdge to deepen aspects and innovations in the pharmaceutical market. The magazine is sent in thousands of copies to all the major Indian pharmaceutical companies and is also available in digital format through the official website:


Spinco, will promote all the wide range of De Lama equipment.

These are not only saturated steam sterilizers, autoclaves with air-steam mixture, superheated water, ETO, ovens for sterilization and depyrogenaton, but also cGmp industrial washers for pharma, static hot air dryers and vacuum dryers.

Alongside these established products there are also the latest innovative equipment that is increasingly affirming De Lama as an avant-garde company: we are talking about the new hydrogen peroxide sterilizer under deep vacuum, the hydrogen peroxide decontamination pass-box under vacuum, of the new magnetic driven door that today can be combined with any autoclave with the aim of a total cleaning, today a MUST even in light of the new regulations on ‘cleaning validation’.

This door also allows the coupling of De Lama’s machines to the isolator of other brands in an ingenious way, giving life to a single totally aseptic environment, avoiding the risk of cross-contamination in the transfer of the autoclave products inside the ‘insulator and vice-versa going in this way in the direction of the most evolved market: the one aimed at eliminating the cleanrooms and to concentrate the whole process under insulator.



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