L’influente rivista World Pharma Today definisce i nuovi Sterilizzatori e Pass-box a Perossido d’idrogeno DLVHP di De Lama “rivoluzionari”

L’influente rivista World Pharma Today definisce i nuovi Sterilizzatori e Pass-box a Perossido d’idrogeno DLVHP di De Lama “rivoluzionari”

E’ motivo di soddisfazione e orgoglio vedere che le principali riviste italiane e internazionali si stanno occpuando delle grandi innovazione lanciate da De Lama, sul mercato: in particolari del nuovo sterilizzatore a Perossidi D’Idrogeno H2o2 (DLVHP/ST) e della nuova unità di decontaminazione (o Passbox) a Perossido D’Idrogeno (DLVHP/DE)

World Pharma Today influente rivista de settore farmaceutico si occupa delle nuove innovazioni di De Lama raccontanto in un lungo articolo dettagli e i vantaggi degli sterilizzatori e delle decontamination unit a Perossido D’Idrogeno e le definisce ‘rivoluzionarie

Ecco un estratto dell’articolo con i punti salienti:

DE LAMA launches on the market 2 revolutionary equipments: DLVHP

De Lama SpA has just launched its new jewel on the market: the DLVHP/ST, a vacuum hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, that includes really important advantages.

The new frontier has been reached bringing the use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), currently used in decontamination processes (pass-box equipments for the degermation of surfaces), towards a further step: that of the real sterilization through processes in rarefied atmosphere. The new technology, fully validable and repeatable, allows to create fast, safe, low temperature processes with exceptional cost savings.

The Application Sectors, where the technology is designed to supplant the previous ones, are the following:

A)Terminal sterilization of packaging, even outside a classified area. 
The process of packaging products such as syringes already sterilized, can now 

B) Sterilization of thermosensitive medical devices such as catheters, plastic syringes, masks, etc.

C) Heat-sensitive Surgical Kits. 

Wide and very significant advantages of Hydrogen Peroxide sterilization under vacuum:

1) No more need of the clean room for packaging sterilization
As we have already explained, the DLVHP / ST eliminates the need for clean rooms (which have very important plant, space and management costs), avoiding the need to perform operations in the classified area A or B and is a valid alternative to the use of ETO.
Beyond that there are other advantages to consider.

2) Time savings.
The process is extremely fast when compared to other sterilization processes.

3) Savings on filter elements and ventilation systems. 
The final elimination of peroxide in the room does not provide for the impact on HVAC filters: in fact,
there are no air flows for the degassing of the machine that impact on the company’s ventilation systems.

4) Savings on maintenance costs. 
The DLVHP / ST is also equipped with a catalyst for the elimination of hydrogen peroxide residues which does not require the need for consumables and, therefore, maintenance costs for the replacement of components.

Based on the design of the new sterilizer, the Pass-box version with Hydrogen Peroxide named DLVHP / DE has been created. 

Pass-boxes are those equipments that makes possibile to ‘pass’ objects from an area with higher contamination grade, to a better classified area by decontaminating their surface.

De Lama DLVHP/DE Passbox is revolutionary. 
The machine is able to offer itself as the most advanced pass-box in the world because, compared to the classic pass-boxes, it presents a very fast process with savings of up to 70% (from 3 hours to 1 hour on average). And like its eldest sister, DLVHP / ST has no impact on ventilation systems and is equipped with a catalyst that does not use consumables. Such advantages cannot be ignored by the pharmaceutical industry, always looking for repeatable and validable and faster, ecological and economic processes.

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