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Official news from De Lama: new real estate acquisition and impressive expansion plan


CORONA VIRUS: De Lama is fully operational to deliver in time and to support all Customers around the world

April 2020, San Martino Siccomario, Italy.
A commitment. Strong and carried on with heart and passion.
To continue producing, respecting deliveries, providing assistance and supplying spare parts to all our customers around the world.
Even today, in difficult times, De Lama is fully operational, while maintaining its customers, partners and workers at the highest levels of safety.


CORONA VIRUS: a message from De Lama Sales Director Guido Rovera to all our Customers, partners and employees


CORONA VIRUS: De Lama launches FAT-ONLINE. Customers will be able to perform the ‘Factory Acceptance Test’ remotely.


CORONA VIRUS: De Lama offers the most advanced range of sterilizers for vaccine development and production, with DLOV-HP dedicated to ‘Biohazardous’ materials BSL3 and BSL4

De Lama DLOV / HP High Patogen Destruction Autoclave from De Lama spa on Vimeo.



De Lama, for over 70 years, has been a world leader in the design and production of high quality sterilizers, with a range that includes saturated steam autoclaves, air-steam sterilizers, superheated water sterilizers, dry heat sterilizers (DHS), Ethylene Oxide (ETO) autoclaves , up to Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) sterilizers, which is the latest technology that De Lama, among very few producers in the world, is able to supply and that represents a unique solution to sterilize, in particular, thermosensitive products that could not be processed with more traditional techniques.

The De Lama range is not limited to sterilizers, but also includes dryers and dryers under-vacuum, industrial GMP washing machines, Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination units (pass-box) and equipment for low temperature treatments.

Plant production is accompanied by the supply of all related validation services.

Attention to customers and proven know-how allow De Lama to satisfy the widest range of needs with tailor-made solutions and cutting-edge technologies.



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